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Technical Details


With TV, radio, phone and all other sources of information, it is easy to be well informed. However, on the vessels where the news are not distributed, where telephone calls are extremely expensive, and needless to say, newspapers and magazines are available only in ports, it is not an easy task.

Having in mind that the crew is usually multinational, keeping it informed on the events from home countries is even more difficult. Practically, the crew is cut off from the world for at least two or three weeks and the lack of the news from own country have influence on efficiecy and moral of the crew.

Global News is edited seven days a week, all the year round. It is modern designed newspaper with short and rich in content news.

Each edition consists of four A4 format pages transmitted by email.

The first page contains MAIN NEWS - the most important events and affairs from the specific country, except news which could have negative effects on the moral of the crew. The logo of the shipping company is also included on the first page.

On the second page INTERNATIONAL NEWS will cover worldwide events, which marked that day.

The third page is completely dedicated to various SPORT events from the particular country and from abroad.

Page four will give you details of the latest stock market, daily exchange rates and VARIOUS interesting news (business, politics, entertainment, etc.) from a specific country.

During important sport events, e.g. Football World Cup, Basketball World Championship, NBA final, Olympic Games, Asian Games, European Basketball and Football Championships etc., the EXTRA page, dedicated only to the mentioned events, is available.


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